Winter Rye

Known as one of the finest makers of original pottery and textiles in Chicago, Winter Rye specializes in unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, all made by hand. The two owners selected Yearbook Studios to design a brand that embodied the pure nature of their extraordinary works. The result was a timeless identity with a relaxed, elegant Midwestern charm.


The new identity had to embody a simple, yet sophisticated expression of the hand-crafted wares. We created a simple, classic mark that was instantly recognizable with business cards that embraced the typographic charm of an old-fashioned dry goods store.

Product Identification

To brand their products, a system of stamps, labels, and tags was created with simple typography and tailored modest materials.


Using a combination of bold product imagery with rich Midwestern landscapes, the photography speaks to both excellence in craftsmanship and the boundless inspiration found in nature.


The website had to serve as a distinctive visual expression, capturing the essence and beauty of Winter Rye wares, combined with a simple, efficient e-commerce experience.