Tom Bassett-Dilley Architect

As a leader of Passive House design in Chicago, Tom Bassett-Dilley identified the need to have a distinctive brand image that would set his firm apart. Yearbook Studios was tapped to create a positioning strategy, a new identity and a new website that would clearly define the firm’s unique approach to architecture.


The identity system was based on the firm’s philosophy of drawing design inspiration from the environment and its inclusive attributes, commonly referred to as “place”. We drew our own inspiration from this approach to architecture, utilizing topography maps, sketches, environmental textures and clear typography. The initials TBDA became an integral part of the main mark, abbreviating the firm’s name and standing for the firm’s commitment to customizing every design solution: To Be Determined Architecture.

Presentation Materials

Designed to create a memorable first impression, the presentation materials were comprised of bold typographic treatments and a simple, clean aesthetic. Ease of information woven into the brand aesthetic was essential.


The site was designed with project discovery in mind, while also serving as a clear representation of the firm’s design philosophy and capabilities.