Roos Recreation Center

When the Park District of Forest Park purchased the land where the once famous Roos Cedar Chest Factory stood, they planned for a revolutionary recreation center that would change the face of the park district entirely. Yearbook Studios was engaged to create a strong new identity and brand image for the new Roos Recreation Center that would bridge the history of the original factory with the bright future of the park district itself.

Identity System

The Identity was inspired by classic insignias of athletic clubs from the early 20th century when the original Roos factory was built. We used a modern color palette to work with the interior design of the Recreation Center and to give the symbol a contemporary attitude. Our designs of opening announcements and collateral formed the brand language. Deep color washes combined with vintage inspired athletic illustrations and images of architectural details, together, defined the new brand look and feel.

Building Branding

We worked closely with the park district to create effective building signage and branded elements. We designed large scale stainless steel lettering with the new symbol to adorn the main facade. Windows were identified with a repetition of the new symbol in silver and the gymnasium was outfitted with custom twelve foot tall banners to reinforce the new brand image.

Member Premiums

To further drive the brand image, a collection of member premiums were developed. This tangible brand extension helped to reinforce member dedication and a level of excellence that the park district was determined to create going forward.