Proviso Public Partnership

The Proviso Public Partnership, often known as PPP, is a conduit for finding behavioral health services for people living in the western suburbs of Cook County. In an effort to enhance their brand and build community awareness for these vital behavioral health needs, they approached Yearbook Studios for a full rebrand of their identity, marketing materials and website.


Yearbook Studios designed a vibrant and engaging identity for the PPP as a way to boldly stand out in the community in a friendly and engaging way. With a clean and energetic color palette and an identity that evokes forward motion and progress, the brand builds up its members giving access to the right resources for the betterment of the community.


New imagery was crucial to demonstrate the positive work the PPP is doing within its diverse and culturally rich community. With services that span a broad rage of age groups, it was important to find images that evoked the success anyone may find in their journey through self improvement, whether it be teenagers at risk or seniors looking for transportation or medical care needs.


A simple yet effective site was designed and developed to give the community a bevy of information in an organized fashion, as one might find at a health kiosk at a pharmacy. Clear calls to action and thoughtful content layout was paramount in creating an engaging experience for anyone searching to find the behavioral support they may need.