Melrose Park Chamber of Commerce

The Melrose Park Chamber of Commerce and Community Development is a non-profit organization founded in 2018, which supports and promotes a community environment where commerce can prosper. Yearbook was tasked with developing a new brand stationery system and website which would serve as the cornerstone of this redeveloped community organization.


Melrose Park has a rich and cultural history, signified by its township’s famous rose. People from the community identify with the beauty and significance of this symbol. With that in mind, we designed a contemporary mark that identifies with the look and feel of the rose, as well as evoking the diverse, multi-cultural structure of this brand new community driven organization. When combined with a bold typeface, the lockup showcases this new organization strength and vigor that harkens back to its strong historical roots.


When creating a bold brand, the use of photography has a large impact on the success in which the brand translates to its target audience. Luckily for us, the Chamber had a large reserve of historical photos that we culled through to juxtapose against current events from the community. The results provide a detailed look into the past which inform the present look and feel of the brand.


In conjunction with a brand new identity, the website would stand to serve as the main platform for driving all marketing initiatives from the Chamber. They also needed a central location in which they could display upcoming events, new and engaging photo content, information and resources about the organization and a custom membership signup. All of this was built on the WordPress platform and developed for easy maintenance and accessibility for the Chambers’ team.