Kellie Rose Bylica has a broad and diverse background in law which has shaped her into the attorney that she is today and enabled her to transition to her long-term goal of becoming a family law attorney and advocate for individuals facing a critical time in their lives. After working for two well-known family law firms, Kellie envisioned her own practice that would give every client the focus they needed. Yearbook designed a powerful brand that would meld all of these elements into a compassionate and empowered brand.


Client Focused. Rooted in Justice. A strong and honest tagline built from Kellie’s vision to battle for the good of justice and defend her clients needs. We designed a powerful illustration and contrasted it with a softer color palette and elegant type which makes this such a dynamic and engaging brand.


Great visual interest, simple calls to action and clear information give Kellie’s website a refined and unique approach to family law, which allows her to stand out in a sea of typical looking law firm websites.