Hemingway Room

We were intrigued when we learned about a project that was perfect for us: to design a guest room in Ernest Hemingway’s boyhood room. The homeowners, both Hemingway enthusiasts, had painstakingly restored the house throughout. We began our sketches right away with the goal of creating a boutique hotel room in this small space.

The Space

We furnished the room with both vintage and contemporary pieces. Rather than attempting to capture any one aspect of Hemingway, we worked with a medley of objects inspired by different time periods and locations throughout his life to achieve an eclectic, yet familiar aesthetic. We commissioned an original painting of Hemingway’s yacht, The Pilar, by artist Shayne Taylor. The piece was carefully art directed by us to capture a painterly style of the 1930s. Finished in an impressive gold frame, the painting became the centerpiece of the room. An antique barrister is stocked with vintage Hemingway novels along with a collection of clocks, trophies and objects of interest. A vintage cricket cage sits atop a column to the side.