Brown Cow

Ranked one of the twelve best ice cream parlors in the country by US News, the Brown Cow Ice Cream Parlor has earned a local reputation as the best. After years of growth, they came to Yearbook to position their business, create their identity and develop their storefront and interior.


By positioning Brown Cow as a classic ice cream parlor, we were inspired to create a design that personified a sense of familiarity and comfort. The main logo was inspired by classic dairy caps of the 1930s.


We developed a clean, contemporary system of collateral and packaging with vintage touches to blend with the brand.

Storefront and Interior

The ice cream parlor itself was a blank slate when we were brought in to design the space. Housed in a 1920s movie house, the shape of the storefront was yearning to become a bold ice cream carton, so that’s what we created. We treated the original marquis with names of products and matching brown cows. The interior, with its extraordinary plaster work, allowed us to play with our color palette further, both driving the brand and accenting the original details of the space. We redesigned the menu wall to include shelving above two doors to emphasize height and display vintage cake stands and ice cream memorabilia. An antique white washed hutch stands in the center between the menus.