A Red Orchid Theatre

A Red Orchid Theatre is an ensemble of artists dedicated to the proliferation of live theatre in the modern world. Founded in 1993 by Ensemble Members, Guy Van Swearingen, Michael Shannon and Lawrence Grimm, A Red Orchid Theatre has become one of the leading theatres in Chicago. Their brand needed a thorough facelift to match their current cutting-edge work and rich cultural history.


Yearbook Studios developed a living identity that builds upon the rich storied history of the theatre, while catapulting them into the present day as one of the country’s leading ensemble based theatres. Creating an interpretive identity to evoke emotional connections to their many great productions was essential to the rebranding.


With thousands of page views a week, the updated website was a critical part of this redesign and was essential to patrons to access all of the theatre’s fundraising efforts, its 26 previous seasons and upcoming shows. This 100 page website was built on a customized CMS platform to help the organization continually add and update their content in order to keep the site current and up-to-date for the growing audiences.