About Yearbook Studios

Yearbook Studios was founded in 2011. Originally, the company consisted of a small design office adjacent to the now legendary Yearbook Store which served as the retail face of the business. After six years, the office expanded to become a full service studio specializing in multiple disciplines. The retail arm was dissolved, but is fondly remembered by long standing customers and fans.

Today, The Yearbook Studios Company has earned a reputation for creating extraordinary, polished designs with a timeless aesthetic. The firm has been called a hidden gem of smart design for companies of various sizes, that creates highly coveted brands and strategic interior experiences. Throughout the firm’s diverse project history, there is one constant: the uncompromising promise to create a lasting impression. The studio is known for brands that shine and stand apart, and imaginative interiors that resonate with individuals. First and foremost, the firm’s philosophy is grounded in the belief that the best brands and designs are those that evoke a feeling. Every Yearbook project has its own distinct attitude, an inexplicable familiarity, and a true sense of trust. Regardless of the end goal, the studio consistently delivers great design in all forms.

The Team


Jef Anderson

Creative Director, Partner

Jef Anderson has been in the business of design for over two decades. After being accepted to the Rhode Island School of Design, he instinctively chose his native Chicago to complete his design education at the University of Illinois and do his apprenticeship with famed designer, Jilly Simons. Prior to having his own practice, he was a senior designer and art director for some of Chicago’s best firms and was a design director and stylist for Bloomingdales and Marshall Field’s on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Jef has launched dozens of brands, designed environmental installations and corporate wayfinding systems, and created specialized interiors for both commercial and private residential clients. He is an award-winning designer whose work has been honored and published in lead design publications and books, including Communication Arts, Graphis, Graphic Design USA, The Society for Environmental Graphic Design, The American Corporate Identity Annual, The Type Directors Club, and T: The New York Times Style Magazine.


Noel Eberline

Business Development, Partner

Noel Eberline has built his career leading businesses with extensive management experience, working for both corporate and non-profit organizations. In addition to being a Partner at Yearbook, Noel is the Senior Director of Customer Service for the Computing Technology Industry Association, (CompTIA). Noel achieves high-quality results through collaboration and relationship building. His project management skills are invaluable to Yearbook client services and fulfillment, to event planning. He is an ongoing source of inspiration to the Yearbook team on every project.


Andy Madden

Senior Designer | Web Developer

Andy Madden joined Yearbook in 2017. His design skills range from brand development and identity to print collateral and all things digital. With a background in construction, Andy takes a hands-on approach to his work. He has over a decade of experience in design, originally working with large format advertising and environmental design for Fortune 100 companies. When Andy isn’t designing, he can be found wielding his six string and singing vocals with his band, Toy Robots. He also loves Chicago’s amazing theater and music scenes with his wife Abby. And there’s always time to hang out with their Old English Bulldog, Stella Blue.


Gino Whitaker

Senior Web Developer

Gino Whitaker has more than 20 years of agency experience in creative, strategic, and website development roles. He earned his BS in Advertising with a concentration in graphic design from Ferris State University, with enhanced computer graphic design studies at Michigan State University. Gino honed his creative and development skills working at several small graphic design studios, an internet marketing agency, and as Web Studio Manager at Ogilvy & Mather Chicago. He brings his expertise in design, strategy, and development to every client project, large or small.


Stephanie Munoz

Junior Designer

Stephanie joined Yearbook in 2018. Her responsibilities include design, production and implementation. Her skills include illustration, photo retouching and conceptual development. Stephanie’s illustration skills bring a special and unique touch to many client projects.


Jenny Shepherd

Public Relations | Marketing

Jenny gets clients noticed by telling their stories with strategic expertise. She understands how to grab media attention, keeping clients relevant in the public eye. Regardless of how compelling, inspiring or persuasive a story may be, it will only go somewhere if the right people hear it in a timely manner. Jenny has her fingers on the pulse of media exposure. In addition to focused outreach campaigns, we specialize in engaging our clients with target audiences on a personal level. Through the creation of strategic partnerships, targeted events and custom tactics, she creates valuable connections between you and the world.


Henry Clarence

Yearbook Mascot and Best Friend

Henry Clarence joined the Yearbook Team in December of 2012. His duties include serving as the official Yearbook Mascot, taking long naps in a triangle of sunlight near the back door of the studio, and begging for carrots. As a full-time partner with the company, Henry brings a confidence to his role and encourages others with his relaxed attitude and sense of calm. Henry has earned a faithful following on Instagram and has inspired a number of original product designs produced by Yearbook. He regularly attends staff meetings and always brings something meaningful to the table.