Welcome to Yearbook

Yearbook Studios was founded in 2011. Originally, the company consisted of a small design office adjacent to the now legendary Yearbook Store which served as the retail face of the business. After six years, the office expanded to become a full service studio specializing in multiple disciplines. The retail arm was dissolved, but is fondly remembered by long standing customers and fans.

Today, Yearbook Studios is a multi-disciplinary design studio. The Yearbook office has earned a reputation for creating extraordinary, polished brands with a timeless aesthetic. The firm has been called a hidden gem of smart design for companies of various sizes, that creates highly coveted brands and strategic interior experiences.

Throughout the firm’s diverse project history, there is one constant: the uncompromising promise to create a lasting impression. First and foremost, the firm’s philosophy is grounded in the belief that the best brands and designs are those that evoke a feeling. Every Yearbook project has its own distinct attitude, an inexplicable familiarity, and a true sense of trust. Regardless of the end goal, the studio consistently delivers great design in all forms.

Yearbook specializes in four primary disciplines:




Brand Audit  |  Audience Insights  |  Communications Audit
Brand Positioning & Messaging  |  Content Strategy  |  Naming & Information Architecture

Brand Development

Logo & Identity Design  |  Collateral Design  |  Typography  |  Copy Writing  |  Photography and Art Direction


Signage & Environmental Graphics  |  Commercial Interiors
Packaging Design  |  Book Design  |  Annual Reports  |  Marketing Campaigns


Web Design & Development  |  E-Commerce Solutions  |  Content Management  |  Social Media

Our Team

Jef Anderson

Creative Director, Partner

Noel Eberline

Business Development, Partner

Gino Whitaker

Senior Web Developer

Melanie Dikaiou


Steve Tolin

Senior Web Developer

Stephanie Munoz


Rachel Tanase


Henry Clarence

Yearbook Mascot