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When the Forest Park Public Library celebrated 100 years, they came to Yearbook Studios to create a dynamic graphic campaign for the anniversary and serve as the foundation for an overall rebranding of the library itself. We studied stacks of archival materials and photographs from the last 100 years. Using these materials, we created rich background textures for our campaign, combined with a vibrant color palette and a new identity.

The Campaign

The campaign was designed to function as the primary message from the library for the calendar year. All printed materials, internal graphics and exterior facade graphics were included in the scope of our work. We designed a timeline showcasing specific historic dates combined with a schedule of celebrations scheduled throughout the anniversary year.

Website Concepts

Yearbook Studios developed several website concepts as an extension of the new brand concept. The web studies were aimed to target ease of information and strong brand recognition.

Summer of Exploration

To engage children and all residents in the library during summer months, a program of special events throughout the village was developed by the library. Yearbook Studios was engaged to create the program concept and graphic language.