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For over 130 years, The Altenheim has been a place to call home. In the spring of 1885, the original structure, now known as Arborwood, was erected. The building provided accommodations for over seventy-five seniors and stood on grounds that were designed by the same landscape architect who was responsible for the design and creation of Lincoln Park in Chicago. While so much has changed since 1885, The Altenheim is now home to individuals over 55 who are interested in an affordable, distinctive, quality lifestyle. Yearbook was engaged to create a new brand and website that would embody the long tradition of this landmark while establishing a tone that defines The Altenheim as a contemporary establishment with modern amenities that serves seniors well.

Brand Positioning

The Altenheim had to be positioned to emphasize the human side, as well as historical aspects. The primary mark is based on the iconic turret located at the center of the campus buildings. A confident signature with a classic forest green established excellence and a feeling of home.

Collateral and Website

To relaunch The Altenheim, we developed a narrative with photography and key messaging. Using images of residents combined with arresting architecture, the photography speaks to the human side, as well as cultural aspects of living at The Altenheim. These design elements were used throughout collateral and the website to consistently deliver the main message.